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What is a Hybrid?

How Hybrids Make For a Better Nights Sleep

The Best of Both Worlds


Today, many sleepers are curious about the benefits of memory foam or gel memory foam sleep, but they just can't make the jump to an all foam mattress. For these consumers, a hybrid mattress is the ideal choice. Hybrid mattresses combine individually pocketed innersprings with memory foam to create the ultimate sleep experience. Hybrids allow sleepers to get the best of both worlds and enjoy the perfect blend of sturdy support and contouring comfort.


A Familiar Support


Hybrid mattresses typically have the same size coils as innerspring mattresses, but they have more layers of memory foam on top, oven resulting in three to four extra inches of memory foam. The coil system enables the mattress to retain the bounciness that sleepers enjoy on innerspring mattresses, and the layers of memory foam create that unmistakable enveloping embrace. The coil system also gives hybrid mattresses a traditional mattress shape, as opposed to the straight lines and low profile of memory foam mattresses. Hybrid mattresses are often less expensive than memory foam mattresses, and they perform better than budget memory foam mattresses. The coils in a hybrid mattress will give more contouring support than the kind of foam core that's found in lower end memory foam mattresses. Hybrid mattresses are also compatible with adjustable bases, so consumers can enjoy the full comfort and support of their mattress whether they are sleeping, reading, watching tv, or just relaxing in bed. Since the coils inside the mattress are individually pocketed, there is no risk of damaging the coil system on an adjustable base.


Finding Hybrid Sleep


When you shop with The Mattress Center, you can enjoy a number of high quality hybrid mattresses at the lowest prices on the web. Popular hybrid mattresses like Spring Air Hybrid, Beautyrest Hybrid and iSeries excel in delivering the blend of sturdy innerspring support and contouring memory foam comfort that more and more sleepers are turning to for deep, restful sleep. If you're not sure if a hybrid mattress is the best choice for you, or you have questions about a hybrid mattress you saw on our site, you can call Neal or David to speak with a friendly mattress expert who will be happy to provide you with additional information.