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All About Adjustables

Everyone needs a good night’s sleep, but for many people, that’s hard to find. They spend all night tossing and turning on a flat mattress only to wake up the next morning still feeling tired. Add neck or back problems into the equation, and trying to go to sleep becomes a painful experience. This is why adjustable beds are so popular with people who suffer from insomnia or back pain. While these beds can be bought from furniture dealers or specialty mattress stores, they can also be purchased online at reliable online markets such as eBay. Purchasing the right bed that meets all desired specifications can seem like an arduous task at time. Breaking up the process of purchasing an adjustable bed can help anyone better understand the process. Use this short guide to help find the right adjustable bed without having to dig too deep into that bank account.


Features the Make Up an Adjustable Bed

The specific design of an adjustable bed makes it different from any traditional one. Adjustable beds are constructed from a metal base that includes an electric motor underneath. Using a remote control, the motor raises and lowers both the upper and lower portions of the mattress. Traditional beds, of course, cannot move at all.

Consider for a moment what happens to someone sleeping on a traditional flat bed. When humans sleep on a flat mattress, certain parts that touch the bed are supported, while other areas are left unsupported. This puts additional stress on the muscles, typically along the back and neck. Having a mattress that cannot support their back and neck makes it difficult for many people to sleep who suffer from back and neck pain. An adjustable bed, on the other hand, does not lie flat against the ground. It shifts into different angles, providing extra support for the human body during sleep. Neck areas that previously had to stretch out on a flat mattress are better supported on an adjustable bed. So too are those large back muscles that can easily become strained by trying to sleep on a flat surface. For people who want greater comfort at night, buying an adjustable bed is well worth the extra cost.

Adjustable Bed Frames

The bed frame is the foundation of an adjustable bed. It supports the mattress and holds the motor. Because the bed is going to be going up and down, the bed frame is heavier than those found on traditional beds. Where traditional frames are made out of wood, adjustable frames are made out of strong metal like steel. This makes them a lot heavier than traditional frames, but customers will appreciate the extra strength.

The gauge, or thickness, of the steel is extremely important for the bed frame. The thicker the steel, the heavier the load the bed can carry. High quality adjustable bed frames, like those made by L&P, use exceedingly thick steel. Cheaper bed frames usually skimp on the heavy steel and choose lighter gauges. While this helps keep the price low, using low gauge steel means that the bed frame isn’t very strong. Over time, it will deteriorate as more weight is put on its frame and lose its ability to support the mattress correctly. Customers will notice their bed is not as comfortable as it once was.

The rollers are also another crucial part of the bed frame. They help to support the mattress and move the bed at the same time. Rollers can be made out of wood, metal, or nylon. Out of all of these, nylon is the quietest material and also happens to be the one that lasts the longest. Beds made with wooden or metal rollers tend to squeak as they are adjusted into place. They also create more friction, placing extra stress on the motor, and don’t last as long as nylon rollers.

Finally, the motor itself is noteworthy. Adjustable beds usually come with a warranty, and this warranty is designed to address all issues with the motor. After all, if the motor stops working, the bed is no longer adjustable. Therefore, by examining the warranty, customers can learn how dependable the motor is. Beds with warranties between 10 to 20 years have an exceptionally strong motor. Beds whose warranties do not last as long usually have cheap motors that tend to break down after a few years.

Extra Perks

Adjustable beds come in all different styles. There are the basic beds that simply go up and down. Then, there are the higher end models that come with perks like massage features. In between these two extremes is an area of middle ground, where the frame includes a few luxury features. One feature everyone should look for is a fail-safe option that kicks in during power failures. Consider this: If the power fails, then the bed is normally stuck in its last position, and for some sleepers, this can make it difficult, even dangerous, to try to get out of bed. A fail-safe feature automatically returns the bed to its flat position in case of a power outage for the safety of the sleepers.

Frame Packaging

When buying an adjustable bed online, customers don’t get the same professional assembly and service you get at The Mattress Center and you should know that the bed comes shipped to them in pieces. Therefore, it needs to be assembled at home. Make sure the bed is sold with directions. If the customer is unable to put the bed together him or herself, ask the dealer to recommend a technician that can come out to the home and assemble the bed. Make sure the bed is put together properly, otherwise it could malfunction.